Artist's Statement


Image of one of Marietta's Favorite works of artMy aesthetics evolve from the chaos in front of my inner eye towards the outer.

I never plan for what will appear on an empty piece of paper, canvas or wall. In fact the Greek word "aisthetikos" means: perceptive; "aisthanesthai" to feel or perceive. This kind of procedure, to perceive or feel from within, makes me content...and being "content" is a glimpse of ultimate well-being. Painting is my daily elevator to reach instantly a pure realm, uncontaminated from the out-of-one's-mind states of the daily purgatory. It has been this way for me, probably from the age of five on. My tools here are mixed media on paper; anything that produces color.... and now I shall introduce what formed me up to this day.

My ancestry is from Northern Italy; the Ladinien Minority of the Dolomites. My father is a surrealist painter, my grandfather was a sculptor of catholic altars, and so was my great­grandfather. My great grandmother was an Impressionist painter in Vienna, Austria -that is where I accomplished all my school years. I was raised in two cultures, the Italian and the Viennese; and I speak both languages. I continued my studies at the University in Vienna in archaeology, and prepared for a diploma in restoration at San Michele in Rome, one of the great schools for this craft. I worked for the preservation of various Roman archeological sites and archaeological museums in Austria, and finally dedicated myself to the restoration of 12th to 17th century frescos and paintings on canvas or wood in Vienna, Assisi, Perugia, Venice, Rome, and Napoli. For a while, I worked for the Vatican Museum in Rome. My job there was to preserve all the bronze-artifacts of the Etruscan Museum. After extensive traveling in Southeast Asia, I became a papier-mache" apprentice for Viareggio's big carnival floats, and from there I worked for the Carnivals of Venice and New Orleans, movie sets and theater stages, and produced tons of carnival masks and showroom dummies. My studio was based near Florence, Italy.Image of one of Marietta's Favorite works of art

We all need to eat as well as indulging in our dreams that suit ourselves and maybe inspire a few other human beings. If you are interested, you may purchasing my drawings; ask me for the price. For any further inquiries in my artwork, please visit my studio in 2316 #A Felt Street, Santa Cruz. My studio is open Monday to Friday from 2pm to 6pm. You may call me at (831)479-043 7. Finally, my drawings have no title-you can make up your own.

Marietta Crepaz Anno Domini 2003Marietta's Signature